Auto Injury Rehab

In the direct aftermath of an accident, your mind will likely be pulled in several different directions. Amid everything else, your physical well-being during this time can either be the first thing on your mind or lost in the shuffle. Its relevance will initially depend on the seriousness of the accident and the severity of the injuries.

Though it might be difficult to imagine any other scenario, you must ensure your physical safety after being involved in an accident. There are several different health care options to consider, and one form of auto injury rehab that we recommend is physical therapy.

Mid-County Physical Therapy can offer you the highest quality physical therapy options available after an accident. We have prepared a handy guide that outlines the full benefits of our services and what kind of injuries can commonly result from an accident. Read on to look at what to expect after an accident and what we can offer.

What to Do After an Accident

After being involved in an accident, immediately seek out the consultation of a medical professional. Allowing any possible injuries to fester and worsen over time will only make the recovery process more difficult. Before the pain becomes unbearable, reach out to a trusted source of medical advice and discover what precisely the issue is.

Make sure you take extra good care of yourself after being involved in an auto accident. Rest, exercise, and maintaining a healthy diet will become even more critical after a crash. Emphasizing these good habits will make physical therapy for auto accident injuries much more manageable.

Though you will likely want to jump into physical therapy to feel better as quickly as possible, show patience throughout the process. Results will not become immediately apparent in most cases, so go into the rehabilitation process knowing that it will take time to feel perfectly fine.

A windshield is shattered following an accident

Injuries That Can Result from an Accident

Several common injuries can sprout immediately or soon after an accident. Any combination of injuries could affect your body at any time following a crash, so recognize that your physical therapy treatment can go beyond just one area. Some of the common forms of injuries that can result from an accident include:

  • Head pain, including headaches, concussions, and other cognitive issues. These injuries can be the easiest to detect in the short term but can also be very damaging in the long term. Make clear to your physical therapist that you may have suffered from a head injury in your accident so that they can treat you accordingly.
  • Back pain, including spinal sprains and strains and ruptured discs. Depending on where the impact of the auto accident was centered, back pain can be a widespread side effect. Specific exercises could cause further damage to the back if done incorrectly or prematurely, so consult a physical therapist before trying anything.
  • Hip pain, including sprains, strains, or dislocated joints. Hip pain resulting from an auto accident is similar to back pain in that either direct force or whiplash can cause it. For older people, be especially wary of hip pain, especially if that region was a problem even before the crash. Take special mobility precautions if hip pain sets in.
  • Chest pain, including heavy breathing or discomfort in the heart. Chest pain is perhaps the most urgent of the potential injuries listed. If you feel chest pain following an event as traumatic as an auto accident, contact a medical professional immediately. Such pain should be given prompt attention, considering the potentially dire consequences.

Call Mid-County Physical Therapy

Auto accident injury physical therapy can be a cost-effective alternative to surgery that can have the same impact on your well-being. After an auto accident, the benefits of physical therapy include pain reduction and, ideally, long-term damage prevention. These are the benefits Mid-County Physical Therapy can provide.

For more information on our services at Mid-County Physical Therapy, visit our website or contact us. Our friendly staff would be happy to assist you as you recover from auto-related injuries. Call us today to discover the full extent of the solutions we offer.


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