Work Injury Treatment

Getting injured at work can have physical and legal consequences that can be difficult for anyone to manage. At Mid-County Physical Therapy, our expertise is not legal advice and workers comp issues, but we can help you regain your health after a work-related injury.

There is no one way to successfully bounce back from an injury sustained in the workplace, as the range of injuries that workers can suffer from is immense. There is little consistency between the potentially critical injuries suffered in construction settings and nagging injuries caused in an office environment.

Despite the range of injuries that may come up in the workplace, Mid-County Physical Therapy is prepared to help you bounce back and return to work at a pace that is appropriate according to your injury. Read on to see how we might be able to get you back on the path to working.

For Serious Work Injuries

Injuries suffered on the job that require extensive physical therapy should be treated with the same commitment as any other serious injury. Regardless of how much time the worker is given to recover, medical treatment must continue until the injury’s effects subside.

One of the great benefits of treating serious work injuries through physical therapy is the gradual approach that is taken. Physical therapists do not expect their patients to be in working condition immediately, so physical therapists can take a slower approach to achieve the best results for an individual patient.

In many cases, patients who suffer from work-related, severe injuries will be pumped with prescription drugs to speed up their recovery process. However, this approach often causes more damage to the body and fails to account for each patient’s individual needs. Furthermore, temporarily feeling healthier does not ensure good work performance. If the proper amount of movement is not regained, trouble can arise in the workplace, putting the patient at additional risk.

A patient’s head is massaged

For Milder Work Injuries

Some injuries sustained in the workplace develop slowly and contain more subtle symptoms. Several injuries could fall into this category, from mild concussions to back and muscle pain. Regardless of the exact case, employers should be aware of their workers’ physical well-being.

One way in which physical therapists can help patients with milder injuries is to encourage good habits in the workplace. For example, if a patient needs carpal tunnel physical therapy, a professional can teach the patient about good movement techniques to ease the stress on their hands and wrists. While correcting whatever injury has come about, a good physical therapist will also try to help patients avoid future problems.

Because time off is less guaranteed for milder workplace injuries, patients must practice good habits when they return to work. Failure to do so can result in a mild injury becoming a severe injury. This introduces a swarm of medical and legal issues, so it is best to utilize professional help for mild workplace injuries before returning to work and continuing good practices upon returning.

Contact Mid-County Physical Therapy for Work Injury Treatment

The experts at Mid-County Physical Therapy can help you recover from work-related injuries and teach you the best habits for the future of your well-being. Returning to work in a timely fashion is often a matter of critical importance for the patient and the patients. We are committed to helping you find your strength as a worker in however much time is necessary.

Mid-County Physical Therapy is prepared to help patients suffering from a wide variety of issues. Discover convenient solutions by giving our experts a call today.


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