7 Reasons Why We’re the Best

Let’s be real–if we listed every single thing about Mid-County Physical Therapy, you’d be reading all day. SO… we made this abridged version.

1. The staff is kind, ambitious, and focused Our administrative staff, technicians, physical therapy assistant and physical therapists offer quality customer service and make your wellness their priority. From the moment you walk in the door to the “see you later” when you leave, this unique staff greets you with smiles and care for your well-being. As a family-owned business, MCPT desires to help our patients set goals to begin to feel like themselves again. This clinic enjoys themselves while still maintaining a professional environment dedicated to individuals in the community. Patients find our enthusiasm contagious, and often find it easier to heal in this active milieu. We even have staff members that are bilingual in Farsi and Spanish! Mid-County Physical Therapy 2. We are in convenient proximity to both the Manassas and Woodbridge areas This literal “Mid-County” area allows us to service a broader community of individuals. Our clinic is located right off of the Prince William Parkway, and acts as a base to travel into Manassas for a Krispy Kreme donut, as well as into Woodbridge to get our shop on at Potomac Mills Mall. Our patients love our location, and happily choose Mid-County Physical Therapy because of it. Check out this map! 3. The therapists provide personalized and encouraging treatment for a wide range of injuries Our licensed professional staff works hard to maintain their education, and keep up with current research and treatments. Patient evaluations provide a one-on-one opportunity with the therapist which enables them pay scrupulous attention to your injury. They work together on perplexing situations, teach each other techniques, and offer guidance and knowledge for the technicians. From posture education to knee replacement rehabilitation, the therapists tailor the therapy and exercises to you and encourage you to be your best. alt= 4. Our facility has the BioQpulse Individuals with chronic pain benefit from this service and we are one of the few clinics in the region to offer it. Call us and mention this post for a promotional offer on the BioQPulse. BioQPulse 5. We offer dry needling This is another modern service that helps our patients begin to resume their everyday activities after an injury. Learn more about this awesome remedy here and check out our blog post as well. The head physical therapist, Charlie Mills, evaluates his patients to determine if they are good candidates for dry needling, and educates his patients on the methods and benefits behind it as well. filiform dry needling 6. We educate our patients and provide the latest research and information on treatments We update our website, blog, Instagram, and Facebook with fun, knowledge, and events we might hold or participate in. There are video testimonials from our happy patients that really wanted to spread the word, dry-needling videos and tidbits, and pictures from our lives around the clinic so that everyone can see we truly want to represent the family-vibes. 7. Conveniently located above Frosty Moose And finally, who can deny that a little ice cream after some physical therapy isn’t the best medicine? This small business is on the first floor, and they offer a wide variety of flavors and toppings to fill your soul with. Our staff often stops there for a treat when they are not working hard in the clinic. (They also have pup cups for your furry friends!) Frosty Moose As you can see, Mid-County Physical Therapy has some incredible things to offer. We want to make our patients feel the love, and leave the clinic so that they can “Feel Great Again!” Don’t wait any longer to treat any injuries you might have. Call us today! 


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