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We’ve all had our lives impacted by pain before. Of course, some are more at risk than others of suffering from serious injuries. No matter the cause of an injury or how severe it was, pain can make your daily life difficult. Sometimes, this pain is more than we can deal with on our own, and we need to find the right person to help us get through it. When this happens, it could be time to see a physical therapist for help. 


Mid-County Physical Therapy offers effective treatments for pain and injury and uses various methods to help our patients recover and stay healthy and active. If you’ve recently been experiencing pain, don’t hesitate to come to us for physical therapy in Haymarket, VA. 


When Should You See a Physical Therapist?

When you’re in pain, you might not know when the best time to get help is, or you might expect that the pain will go away on its own. However, waiting too long to get help can end up making things worse, so it’s best to start treatment as early as you can. People can see a physical therapist for many reasons, and they don’t even all have to be related to an injury. 


Here are a few times where it could be beneficial for you to see a physical therapist. 


If You’re an Athlete


Athletes of all levels are common physical therapy patients. Due to the frequent physical activity that sports require, athletes are extremely susceptible to getting injured. Athletes can receive physical therapy to reduce pain and speed up the amount of time it takes to recover. Physical therapy can also be used long after an injury to help athletes prevent future sports injuries.


After Surgery


Physical therapy is commonly used to help patients avoid the need for surgery, but, of course, sometimes surgery is unavoidable. For those who need surgery for any reason, physical therapy could help them recover after. After surgery, physical therapy can help patients improve mobility in the area, reduce pain and swelling, and help them rebuild their strength. 


If You Have Age-Related Health Concerns 


Staying active is an essential part of living a healthy life, but doing this gets harder as we get older. Moving around can get difficult and even unsafe if a person has balance, coordination, or mobility issues. Physical therapy can help treat common age-related concerns and help teach seniors how to stay active and safe. 


After an Accident


Accidents, like car crashes, can cause serious injuries that can benefit from the help of a physical therapist. This can also apply to various types of accidents, not necessarily motor vehicle accidents. If you’ve suffered an injury from something like a serious fall or an accident at work, physical therapy may be able to help. 


Start Your Physical Therapy Journey Today


If you’re in pain, the worst thing you can do is wait too long to get help. You don’t want your injury to worsen when physical therapy could have sped up your recovery time and kept you safe from additional harm. At Mid-County Physical Therapy, we can provide the care you need when you’re in pain to help you recover and start feeling like yourself again.


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