Physical Therapy in Dumfries, VA

The Staff at Mid-County Physical Therapy specialize in treatment programs with proven results to get our patients better as quickly as possible.

It’s certainly no fun to get injured or have surgery and be down and out for a few months. You’re in pain, you’re not as mobile as you normally would be, and on top of that, your muscles are getting weaker as you sit around recuperating.

It’s a tough situation all around, but these are all good reasons to start physical therapy as soon as possible after an injury or surgery. It’s why surgeons recommend physical therapy right after even major surgeries. Injuries can cause muscles to weaken just 24 hours after they happen, so the sooner you start physical therapy, the better off you will be.

This is where our physical therapists at Mid-County Physical Therapy excel. We are experts at what we do, and yet our methods are designed to start working for you after just one visit.

When you need physical therapy in Dumfries, VA, call us to make an appointment. We’ll devise a plan for you and start helping your body to heal.

Let’s learn more about how physical therapy can help you with various problems.

How Physical Therapy in Dumfries, VA, Can Help You

Physical therapy can benefit you in all kinds of ways. If you’ve gotten injured while playing a sport or taking a fall, or if you’re recovering from surgery, your body will thank you for going to physical therapy.

Ankle Injuries

Anyone can suffer an ankle injury, not just people who regularly run or play sports. An ankle sprain is one type of injury that physical therapy can help to heal. Unlike a break, which involves a bone fracture, a sprain results from the stretching or tearing of the ligament around a joint. You might sprain your ankle if you step on something unexpectedly and roll it, or if you’re an athlete and suddenly shift your weight on your ankle and hurt it.

An ankle sprain may be accompanied by pain and swelling, but physical therapy can help you to stretch those muscles and walk on the ankle again, so the injury heals completely.

Lower Back Pain

The lower back is another common site of chronic pain and injuries. The lower back holds up your weight and so is always under pressure. You can also hurt your lower back if you lift something heavy or twist your body in a certain way.


Your doctor might recommend you go for physical therapy for your lower back as a way to avoid needing surgery. The stretches involved in physical therapy will help to reduce your back pain, improve your mobility, and teach you how to avoid reinjuring your lower back.

Knee Pain

Knee pain can result from sudden strains of the ligaments in that area or by a sudden trauma to the knee, as in an injury. When you have pain in the knee, your life essentially changes, as you might not be able to walk, stand, or use stairs normally.

Once again, it’s physical therapy that can help you avoid surgery on an injured knee, and the sooner you get in to see us, the faster you can start to heal. We will determine the cause of your knee pain and then work out a plan to alleviate it. Stretches, leg raises, and other exercises may be able to reduce or eliminate your pain.

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If you’ve been suffering from pain in any of the above areas or another part of your body, don’t wait to make an appointment with Mid-County Physical Therapy. The faster you get physical therapy, the better off your injury will be.

If you have chronic pain or are recovering from surgery or an injury, talk to your doctor about seeking out physical therapy in Dumfries, VA, from Mid-County Physical Therapy. Our patients love our quick approach to pain management, and we hope you give us the opportunity to help you, too.


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