Physical Therapy in Manassas Park, VA

The Staff at Mid-County Physical Therapy specialize in treatment programs with proven results to get our patients better as quickly as possible.

Many people are nervous about embarking on a course of physical therapy because they worry they could exacerbate their condition. However, this could not be further from the truth. In the hands of experienced therapists, physical problems and their symptoms can only improve. 

There are several benefits of physical therapy, ranging from improved mobility to money saved on expensive surgery. Your experience will depend on your condition and whether you visit us for physical therapy in Manassas Park, VA. However, here is what you can expect from working with professional and caring physical therapy specialists.

Why Choose Physical Therapy in Manassas Park, VA?

Drastically Reduce or Eradicate Chronic Pain

Pain can have a massive impact on quality of life. A physical therapist uses a range of treatments to reduce pain. Manual soft tissue and joint mobilization and ultrasound, and our revolutionary 830 laser therapy program can restore functioning in injured areas. 

A good therapist will also advise you when it may be necessary for you to consult another specialist to improve your pain. 

Improve Physical Mobility

Physical therapy can assist if you have trouble with joint restriction or muscle stiffness that hinders mobility. The lengthening and stretching exercises a therapist gives you can make a significant difference if done correctly. 

Therapists customize a recovery or mobility program for their patients. This means you will be given the correct and safest course of action for your specific problem.

A physical therapist can also professionally fit patients with any supportive devices such as canes, walkers, or crutches when necessary. 

Circumvent Surgery

Primary doctors often recommend physical therapy as a conservative way to manage pain. These therapies can be very effective in improving physical problems and may help you avoid surgery altogether. This will save you a lot of expense and time away from work and regular activities. 

Pre-surgery therapy will also assist in strengthening the affected area if surgery cannot be avoided. Going into surgery in better shape means a faster, more comfortable recovery. 

Prevent Injury and Recover Quickly

Therapists are trained in how different physical activities, including sports, can cause various injuries. They can work with you to strengthen any physically weak areas to prevent injury or give you the correct program to help you recover if an injury has happened. Each case is individual and is treated as such for the best, personal results. 

What Does Physical Therapy in Manassas Park, VA Offer?

Common Health Conditions

Physical therapy is common for people struggling with various health conditions, like

  • Diabetes
  • Vascular conditions
  • Lung disease
  • Heart disease

Doing prescribed exercises helps regulate blood sugar levels and improve sensation impairment in the feet and legs in diabetes patients. Breathing exercises can help patients recovering from heart events. They can also assist in strengthening lungs and clearing them of fluid in people who have had pulmonary ailments. 

Physical therapy can significantly support other common health issues, such as: 

  • Urinary and bowel incontinence
  • Lymphedema
  • Fibromyalgia

Age-Related Physical issues

As people age, conditions such as osteoporosis or arthritis commonly occur. These conditions can impact freedom of movement and create physical pain.

A therapist can assist you in managing these issues, so you will still enjoy a better quality of life. A therapist can perform physical manipulations that restore correct vestibular function if problems with the vestibular system cause balance issues. They can also assist in recovery from hip or knee replacements, should such be unavoidable.

Physical therapy exercises can even improve balance and prevent falls. They will help you with balance exercises to improve coordination and stability. 

Men and Women’s Health Concerns

Women and men can develop conditions related to their gender. It’s possible to find physical therapists that specialize in care for either women or men. 

For example, our experts at Mid-County Physical Therapy have therapists on-site that work specifically with women to ease pelvic pain and lower back pain that arrives post-pregnancy. For men, we offer aid against erectile dysfunction and low sex drive.

Stroke Recovery

After a stroke, it is common that some physical movement ability is lost. Working with a physical therapist can strengthen the areas impacted by the stroke event. These therapies will provide better, stronger function and balance and allow the patient to move more freely, without needing any, or as much, care assistance. 

Ready For Physical Therapy in Manassas Park, VA?

As you can see, physical therapy helps patients in many ways. You can expect not only pain relief but also less emotional stress, financial burden, and decreased risk of worsening conditions. 

If you’re ready to experience these benefits for yourself, seek our physical therapy in Manassas Park, VA. Our experienced team at Mid-County Physical Therapy can treat a broad range of physical conditions, helping you manage pain and get more out of life. 

Contact us at Mid-County Physical Therapy today to start working towards relief from injuries and chronic pain.