Physical Therapy in Marumsco, VA

The Staff at Mid-County Physical Therapy specialize in treatment programs with proven results to get our patients better as quickly as possible.

Mid-County Physical Therapy is the home to the highest level of physical therapy in Marumsco, VA. Located in the same building as NextCare Urgent Care, our team provides the highest-quality service for all of your recovery needs.

While it may be hard to find premier services for physical therapy, Marumsco residents have nothing to worry about, as we are here to provide inexpensive expert care. If you have any questions or concerns about the ailments we treat or the services we provide, contact us online or call us at (703) 763-3922.

Ailments We Treat

We know that physical ailments can be a huge hindrance to your daily life. That’s why we are here to help with your recovery and soon get you back in action with physical therapy in Marumsco, VA. The Mid-County Physical Therapy team is dedicated to the highest quality customer service and patient care. We want to help you feel better than when you first came in, and that starts with learning more about your ailments.

Regardless of the size of your injury, we can ensure that there is a program for you at our facilities. Whether you have found yourself suffering through something as small as a calf strain, or something more painful such as osteoarthritis, our team is trained to provide you with the care you need to get healthy again.

We cover a multitude of ailments here at Mid-County Physical Therapy:

  • Ankle & Foot Pain
  • Elbow Pain
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Hip & Thigh Pain
  • Head & Neck Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Shin & Calf Pain

Specialized Therapy Solutions

From the moment you step through our door to the moment you leave, you will receive treatment tailored to your body’s needs from the best physical therapists in Marumsco, VA. With access to private treatment rooms and the most state-of-the-art equipment, you do not need to stress over your recovery. Our team will also ensure that you leave with plenty of take-home techniques for self-empowerment.

We offer an abundance of specialized healing and pain relief programs, including:

  • Athletic injury program
  • Neck and back program
  • Trigger point dry needling

All of our programs allow you to return to a more active lifestyle immediately so that you can enjoy life again with less pain.

Why Choose Mid-County Physical Therapy?

At Mid-County Physical Therapy, you will find the best physical therapy Marumsco, VA, has to offer. That’s because our team is caring and passionate about what we do. We’re focused on devotion to our patients and rapid recovery as we always strive to give you the best experience during your time with us.

When you arrive for treatment, you will also see that our facility is state-of-the-art in every sense of the word. You’ll feel comfortable working with our brand-new equipment as well as our passionate and comforting physical therapists.

Feel Healthy Again Today

Trust Mid-County Physical Therapy for the physical therapy in Marumsco, VA, you need to get healthy again. Start a discussion with our team today by calling us to book an appointment today.