Fracture Physical Therapy

Find relief after you’ve suffered a fracture with Mid-County Physical Therapy.

If you’ve ever fractured a bone, then you know the difficulty you can have with returning to your normal life again.

Simple actions that you once took for granted can suddenly be a massive challenge. Walking, taking stairs, reaching for your morning coffee – all of these things can cause pain or discomfort depending on your fracture.

One way that your doctor might recommend combating your injury is through fracture physical therapy. The exercise plans that your physical therapist will recommend are designed to help you strengthen your muscles, limbs, and joints as you wait for your break to heal.

At Mid-County Physical Therapy, we offer physical therapy for fractures, no matter what you’ve broken. Our physical therapists will design a plan just for you, based on your strengths, weaknesses, and abilities.

But what do our pain management solutions for bone fractures look like? We’ll explain below.

Our Physical Therapy for Fractures

After you’ve broken a bone, your immediate aftercare will probably involve seeing a doctor, getting a cast, or even spending a short time in the hospital.

During this time, your doctor may recommend that you seek physical therapy as a way to get stronger again. This will be vital to your recovery since keeping a body part immobilized in a cast for weeks or months will tend to make it stiff, sore, and not as useful as it was before.

Here’s how fracture physical therapy can help.

We Identify the Problem

If you’ve been treated for your bone fracture and are on your way to healing, that’s great!

But issues can arise during this healing time, as your body part is kept still and safe. While that is happening, your muscles can lose their strength, and your general mobility around that area of your body can decrease.

woman with a cast sitting with a crutch

Everyone is different, however. When you come to see us, we will evaluate your injury, learn how it has affected your life, and design a physical therapy plan around what we learn.

We Prescribe Treatment

Your physical therapy plan could include any number of treatment methods, but some of the ones we might use in your case are:

  • Soft tissue massage
  • Electrical stimulation
  • Strength exercises
  • Laser therapy
  • Mobility exercises

There’s no telling which method will be best for you until we examine your injury and learn about the movements that are giving you trouble.

Whatever the problem is, though, we can find a way to help you.

We Give You Exercises for Home

When you’re at our Mid-County Physical Therapy facilities, we will help you perform your exercises and explain the best ways to do them.

We’ll also ask you to practice these exercises at home so that we can chart your progress since the last time we saw you. Don’t worry; we’ll be thorough, so there is no confusion.

At-home exercises are a vital part of the physical therapy process, so be sure to keep to them.

Let Mid-County Physical Therapy Provide Your Expert Fracture Physical Therapy

If you have broken a bone, you’re probably in a good deal of pain and general discomfort. Physical therapy can help.

At Mid-County Physical Therapy, one of our specialties is physical therapy for fractures. We’ll examine your condition and map out a plan meant to provide you with relief and leave you stronger.

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