Migraine Physical Therapy

Do not suffer from your migraines any longer with the help from our team at Mid-County Physical Therapy.

Are you often experiencing terrible migraines? If that’s the case, getting migraine physical therapy might be an effective solution for your condition. After all, a migraine is a type of headache involving extreme head and neck pain and throbbing sensations, neither of which you probably want to live with day to day.

In some cases, you might also feel nauseous, vomit, and be extra sensitive to light and sounds when experiencing a migraine. These severe migraines or headaches can negatively impact your daily tasks. So, it’s essential to get the proper headache treatment for your migraines.

Mid-County Physical Therapy can help with that. Our physical therapists can design plans meant just for you and your strengths and weaknesses. Learn more below about how we can help.

What Are the Possible Benefits of Migraine Physical Therapy?

Although physical therapy hasn’t been thought of as a headache treatment, it has been proven to provide individuals with tons of benefits. After all, your migraines might be possibly caused by pain from your neck or cervical spine.

So, here are the possible benefits of migraine physical therapy:

  • Lessening or resolving the pain, occurrence, and length of headaches
  • Decreases the reliance on medicine
  • Contributes to improving your function and mobility
  • Enhances the range of mobility in your neck
  • Enhances your overall quality of life

Techniques Involved in Migraine Physical Therapy Treatment

There are a wide variety of procedures involved in physical therapy for migraines. Due to different types of headaches, the used techniques may vary. Here they are:

1. Stretching and improvement of posture

Your headache treatment will include stretching techniques to reduce tension. In addition, you will be guided to improve your posture and mechanics to lessen the odd placement of your head and neck. This results in much more relaxed muscles and will greatly help ease your migraine symptoms.

2. Soft Tissue Mobilization

Tight muscles might also restrict your neck’s movement, resulting in your migraines. If that happens to be the case, physical therapists will perform soft tissue mobilization to enhance the mobility of these affected muscles. For instance, a technique referred to as suboccipital release is done to relax the muscles linked between your skull and neck.

3. Education

Besides stretching and massaging techniques, your physical therapist will also teach you how to correctly sit and align your head and neck to prevent migraines. You will also be taught different exercises and stretches to ease your muscles, enhance their mobility, and lessen their tension.

a man with a severe migraine

What Are the Possible Risks and Aftereffects of Migraine Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy for migraines doesn’t pose any risks or harmful aftereffects. However, physical therapy might not always resolve your migraines. In addition, this headache treatment might also worsen your existing symptoms.

Due to that, it’s vital to get expert advice from a physical therapist who knows about treating migraines. This makes sure that they are equipped with sufficient knowledge and techniques to treat your migraine.

When Should You Consider Getting Physical Therapy for Migraines?

If you only get one migraine per month and are aware of the causes of your migraine, physical therapy might not provide you with significant benefits. If you have read up on concussion awareness and believe you may have recently experienced a concussion, this could also be causing your migraines.

However, physical therapy might relieve your migraine symptoms, especially if you’re experiencing migraines from your neck region or muscle tightening.

More importantly, you can also get physical therapy for other purposes. For instance, you can also get physical therapy if you’re suffering from head and neck pain. And in concussion awareness discussions, a particular type of physical therapy is also suggested for individuals experiencing dizziness or instability after suffering a concussion.

Duration of Physical Therapy for Migraines

The duration of your migraine physical therapy greatly depends on your symptoms. You may immediately see improvements in just days of beginning your physical therapy. Moreover, you may continue to experience symptoms as you undergo treatment in other circumstances.

Migraines might continue to take place months after beginning your treatment. But you should be able to use the techniques taught to you to relieve some of your symptoms. On the other hand, if migraine symptoms persist once your physical therapy has concluded, it’s recommended to seek different types of treatment for your migraines.

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