Exercise and Aging: How to Maintain Your Health

Exercise and Aging: How to Maintain Your Health

September 27, 2017

The Importance of Physical Maintenance in the Aging Active Community

Our world has a plethora of birthdays each day, most of them contributing to the community of older individuals. As this wise, matured generation grows, the demand for professionals and specialists in the exercise-field expands as well. It is an unfortunate trend that when an individual ages, they are more likely to come across disease and disability. With that, there is also the trend that places an increased need for education in personal wellness. These trainers, instructors, doctors, and other health professionals have a strong passion and talent when it comes to combating the increasing disease and disability trend. One of the most likely of recommendations in their arsenal is exercise. In the hopes of extending lifespan and improving quality of life, the aging active community should take physical activity and physical maintenance seriously. An example of the professionals that may prescribe this exercise is the physical therapist. 

Physical therapists facilitate, encourage, and direct exercise programs for all sorts of active communities. Their knowledge of the physical form and how each component interacts with another guides them along with their patients on what goals to set and via what method. In the hopes of preventing chronic pain, disease, and extending life span in these older athletes, they encourage a routine that will improve their outcomes. Under their guidance and care, the physical therapist understands a patient’s limitations and intensifies or restrains a program when needed.

Physical Therapy Will Help You Live Longer One Way or Another

Exercise is a powerful tool that arms a person with the ability to improve physically, mentally, and even socially. Not only can physical activity assist with fall-reduction, but exercise with others might even help one live longer. In this article about gym-going seniors, the writer follows some older individuals that participate in group-oriented, active lifestyles. They go on to emphasize the importance of social bonding and lifespan. Some of the most important social bonds come from group exercise which can influence a whole lot more than just physical health.

Interestingly enough, a lot of physical therapy clinics offer an open-gym exercise plan, which allows individuals to motivate each other and even work together on certain components. Clinics are even beginning to offer group aqua-therapy and yoga classes to provide more opportunities for their patients to exercise and achieve wellness in a group atmosphere.

Fall Prevention: A Big Role for a Physical Therapist and Their Patients

Approximately one third of adults over the age of 65 will experience a fall each year, and roughly the same amount experience an injury that accompanies said fall.1 Physical therapists administer exercises and lifestyle assistance that can help lower this number. The APTA website offers a wide range of resources to prevent falls and encourage educational awareness. The aging active populations should take note of fall-awareness and balance practice with their PT in hopes of preventing injury. These falls can take an individual out of their routine and significantly lower their quality of life by impacting their future active plans.

Physical Therapy is Key to Preventing and Managing Chronic Pain

Not only can physical therapy help you live longer and prevent certain fall-related injuries, but it can also assist with preventing chronic pain. Exercise and certain therapies combined with strengthening and stretches have an affect that can curb pain-killer usage. Chronic pain is no joke, and with the help of regular physical maintenance and education, the physical therapist may encourage the aging community to rely less on drugs and more on evidence-based exercise plans.

Physical therapy lifts limits and inspires goals in our growing population of aging, active individuals. With regular activity and maintenance, generations for time to come can enjoy longer, healthier lives.

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