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Ankle replacement
Physical Therapy

Total Ankle Arthroplasty

A total ankle arthroplasty (or total ankle replacement) is a surgical procedure performed to replace the joint surfaces of the ankle or talocrual joint. Specifically,

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Female running up stairs
Physical Therapy

Physical Activity and Mortality

Physical Activity Benefits In today’s society, it has become common knowledge that exercise and physical activity is “good” for you. But what does that really

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Shoulder pain
Physical Therapy

Pain Management & Opioids

Pain Management and Opioids Chronic pain lurks in the shadows and stands over your shoulder, waiting on what seems like the most inopportune times to

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Carpal tunnel treatment
Physical Therapy

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Also known as: Carpal Tunnel, CTS, Median Nerve Pain In every part of the body, nerves supply the brain with information. This could be from

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