Should Physical Therapy Make Pain Worse?

We know many patients out there are afraid of physical therapy because they assume it will make them feel worse than they already do.

This is not true, as physical therapy is actually designed to strengthen the muscles around your injury or medical condition to make you feel better over time.

Now, it is often the case that physical therapy can make you feel sore and tired since you’ll be stretching and using muscles that you don’t often use.

Ultimately, however, physical therapy should not be painful or make your existing pain worse.

Let’s explore this subject in more detail. Along the way, we’ll explain how Mid-County Physical Therapy’s physical therapy solutions can help to reduce your pain and improve your condition.

The Purpose of Physical Therapy

To understand why and how physical therapy is not supposed to cause you more pain, it will help to know exactly what physical therapy is meant to accomplish.

To paint it in broad strokes, physical therapy reduces pain and inflammation, increases your flexibility and mobility, and helps you to become physically stronger.

This is achieved by the exercises, stretches, and other movements you do at the facility with your physical therapist or even at home.

Over time, just as with exercising in any other setting, we see patients get stronger from their physical therapy regimens. Physical therapy is a form of pain management, after all.

a physical therapist helping a patient’s leg

It is by no means easy, however. Physical therapy is your body going to work. You may not feel like doing it, and you may be sore and tired afterward, but only temporarily. Your pain and discomfort should decrease the longer you stick with your program.

What you should not be experiencing is an increase in pain from your physical therapy. If you are – if you’re noticing swelling or pain mounting over time – then you should consult with your physical therapist right away.

What to Do If Physical Therapy Is Causing Pain

At Mid-County Physical Therapy, our physical therapists take the time to design programs specifically for you, our patients.

That means we don’t put you through physical therapy that you can’t handle.

Everyone is different when they come to us. Some patients have been in car accidents and need to learn to walk again. Others have had surgery and need to recover their strength and mobility.

No matter what your situation, though, our physical therapists don’t overwhelm you with exercises.

If you do experience pain from your physical therapy, talk to your therapist immediately. He or she will advise you on whether what you’re experiencing is normal and modify your plan accordingly.

Let Mid-County Physical Therapy Help You Recover

We are always so glad to let our patients know that not only is physical therapy not intended to cause pain but that it actually lessens pain over time.

Nonetheless, if you have ever been put off by physical therapy that has caused you pain, come see us at Mid-County Physical Therapy. Our therapists are experts at what they do. We will be happy to consult with you on what you can expect from us, no matter your ailment.

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