Post-Op Rehabilitation Program

Post-operative rehabilitation is designed to achieve maximum recovery safely and effectively. Our treatment protocols facilitate full recovery, promote proper healing, and protect appropriate structures from harmful stress. Rehabilitation following surgery will facilitate the patient’s knowledge of their condition and expected recovery. Patients will receive expert guidance and follow treatment protocols that are proven and take into account their personal recovery goals.

Going in for surgery is always a difficult, stressful journey. While surgery is a critical tool for correcting serious injuries, the recovery can be just as long, painful, and arduous as the condition it is treating.

Fortunately, this is one journey you don’t have to take alone. Mid-County Physical Therapy wants to make sure your post-op rehabilitation goes by quickly, efficiently, and effectively. Our Post-Operative Rehabilitation Program is designed to help you achieve maximum recovery with maximum safety.

Upon arrival at Mid-County Physical Therapy, post-op rehabilitation patients can expect to receive a thorough examination, utilizing goniometry for joint care and assessment that is as accurate as it is personalized to your specific abilities and needs. From there, our expert team of physical therapy professionals will be able to design a personalized treatment plan.

At Mid-County Physical Therapy, our treatment protocols facilitate full recovery and promote proper healing while protecting all appropriate body structures from harmful stress. Additionally, patients in the Post-Op Rehabilitation Program receive detailed information about their condition and the recovery process, enabling them to approach their treatment with clearer and more knowledgeable expectations.

All of Mid-County Physical Therapy’s patients receive expert guidance and follow treatment protocols that have been proven effective and which take into account their own personal recovery goals.

Benefits Of Our Program

  • You will gain a greater understanding of the post-op rehabilitation process and expectations for your recovery.
  • We will help you restore movement in your joints so that you experience less pain and stiffness.
  • Our program makes use of the best, state-of-the-art pain-relieving and swelling reduction technology.
  • You will be able to more quickly return to walking without the assistance of a walker or cane.
  • We can ensure you avoid the lingering effects of an injury and also reduce the risk of re-injury
  • You will receive expert guidance in treatments designed to help you achieve your recovery goals.
  • Our treatments can reduce your post-surgical swelling and pain while also increasing the rate of your tissue healing.
  • We will guide you in helpful exercises to restore your maximum range of motion so you can enjoy smooth, pain-free movement.
  • Our program is specially designed to maximize your muscular strength, endurance, and joint stability.
  • You will experience Improved overall function in your daily activity quickly and safely.
  • You will learn simple techniques to help you better avoid future problems.
  • You will be able to enjoy better and more restful sleep.

How Long Before Results Are Realized?

When convalescing from surgery, especially operations meant to treat joint issues such as elbow pain and knee pain, your recovery time depends greatly on the exact nature and severity of your injury.

Although it’s difficult for us to provide accurate time estimates to patients until we can assess their unique situations in-person, Mid-County Physical Therapy can you promise that whatever your needs, our Post-Op Rehabilitation Program will expedite the healing process so that you can return to a higher quality of life as quickly as possible.

Things to Be Wary Of During Post-Op Rehabilitation 

During the process of post-op rehabilitation, patients should avoid facilities that have them doing the same old routine every visit without being hands-on or teaching them something new.

While some facilities are content to copy-and-paste their treatment plans not only from week to week but from patient to patient, at Mid-County Physical Therapy, we know how important it is to adjust and readjust your post-op rehabilitation routine continually as your needs and capabilities evolve during the course of treatment.

Act Now to Facilitate Fuller, Faster Healing

With any kind of injury or health condition, avoiding appropriate and well-administered treatment following surgery could lead to a significantly delayed return of function. Even worse, it could require additional surgical manipulation under anesthesia to restore range of motion in joints due to impaired healing.

Don’t delay. Come in to Mid-County Physical Therapy today so you can begin your post-op rehabilitation process and discover a happier, healthier you!


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