Acute and Chronic Pain Treatment

When you feel pain, you know it hurts, but you probably did not realize there is a name for your specific type of suffering. Acute and chronic pain are the umbrellas under which your hurting lies. Defining the kind of pain you are experiencing is helpful for both you and medical professionals so that the best treatment options can be examined.

Acute pain and chronic pain each possess unique challenges that need to be addressed in different ways by medical professionals. The team at Mid-County Physical Therapy is dedicated to providing the individual care you need so that you can move past your pain.

You will find definitions for both types of pain and some standard treatment options for each below. No one wants to deal with pain, whether temporary or for an extended period. Check out Mid-County Physical Therapy’s resources and treatment options to better understand what is ailing you.

What is Acute Pain?

Acute pain is more immediate than chronic pain. If you have ever broken a bone or been burned, the initial pain you felt in that situation was acute pain. The pain that you feel in the direct aftermath of those examples is an extension of the acute pain as well. Generally, while you are recovering from an instant traumatic injury, the lingering pain you are feeling is acute.

The timing of acute pain is varied. It can last an instant, weeks, or even months. However, when treatment for an injury is completed, the acute pain you are feeling should dissipate. At times, acute pain will fade on its own in the moments after it begins. In that case, it will be a judgment call as to how much treatment will be necessary.

How to Treat Acute Pain

The number of ways acute pain can come about makes it especially difficult to make one single recommendation to deal with it. In other words, giving consistent medical advice for a paper cut and a broken leg is a terrible practice. Instead, it would be best to judge each case of acute pain as it comes.

An immediate doctor visit is in order for severe cases, such as the aforementioned broken bone. There is little time to waste if the pain is unbearable. For less urgent versions of acute pain that still demand attention, consult a medical professional and do so with some haste. The longer you wait on having pain treated, the more likely it is to have dire consequences.

For minor acute injuries, you can probably get by letting the pain go away on its own. If what seems to be a temporary pain does not dissolve, consider seeking help from a medical professional. And finally, for cases such as the aforementioned paper cut, cover it up, apply ice or heat, and monitor the healing process. If the initial, shocking pain fades, you should be good to go.

A woman in distress attempts to ease a headache

What is Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain is persistent pain that lasts longer than acute pain. The symptoms of chronic pain are often less frequent but more nagging. Even mild cases of chronic pain can hinder your ability to enjoy your life, so keeping this type of pain in check is essential.

Chronic pain can manifest for various reasons, including but not limited to long-standing illnesses and untreated injuries. Many people suffer from chronic pain throughout their bodies for years, making daily functions difficult and sometimes unmanageable. Chronic pain can also appear at seemingly random times, making it difficult to treat appropriately.

How to Treat Chronic Pain

Despite the challenges associated with chronic pain treatments, medical professionals can advise you on how to treat chronic pain. While chronic pain cannot be cured entirely, certain methods of managing the pain allow suffering patients to live normal, productive lives.

One method of fighting chronic pain is medication that a patient should take on a set schedule. The unpredictable nature of chronic pain can be challenged consistently by the appropriate medications being prescribed. Medical professionals may recommend surgical treatment to ease chronic pain for even more direct results.

The toll that chronic pain takes on the body also can negatively affect the mind, so many suffering patients seek out mental therapies to fight their condition. This is one method of living with chronic pain, and it can be especially effective when done in conjunction with physical therapy.

Treat Your Pain at Mid-County Physical Therapy

Mid-County Physical Therapy can help you move on with your life after or while suffering from pain. One way to get past the challenges of acute or chronic pain is to get into a solid routine and get professional help restoring your movement to its fullest potential.

If you are prepared to triumph over your pain, check out the resources offered by Mid-County Physical Therapy. We provide state-of-the-art treatment options for acute and chronic pain, such as the laser therapy program. Give us a call to get started on the road to recovery.


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